Righteous Ingenuity and Flowing Flatwork by a Couple of Righteous Dudes

Save Ferris!

Making the Play with Tiki | Making the Play for Reliable Big Leaping

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Praha Style

I think I have something in my eye… I’ll be fine…

Back Stall Foundation | Positions & Behavior

Work Smarter, Not Harder:
Apryl & Marty McFly work on positions and behaviors of the Back Stall. Get the full Lesson at pvybe.com.
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Wall and Pole Drill

One of my favorite throwing drills from back in the day: https://pvybe.com/digital-dojo/disc-dog-foundation/modules/throwing/lessons/wall-and-pole-drill/

Also, check the sidebar (at the bottom on phones) for a bunch of throwing lessons from our Disc Dog Foundation class.


Fakie Vs Rebound


A Fakie is a flip off the handler for no disc at all. A Rebound is a flip off the handler for the disc. Eppie knows the difference due to the verbal cues and our foundational work on Vault Discrimination — Eppie knows the difference between Top (linear vault), Stall (land on the platform), Rebound (flip off the platform for the target), and Fakie (flip off the platform with no target). We also have jakie in there which means to catch one on the way to the vaulting platform.All of this knowledge by simply changing the word proceeding the action… powerful stuff.

Epic Disc Dog Training | Snazzy Set Up & Epic Juggle

Tao of Disc Dog eBook on Amazon & kindle


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Epic Disc Dog POV | Flatwork Compass

Abby & Rosie 4 Way Play Level 2 | Smoove Moves

Pick It Up.

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Abby & Rosie demonstrate 4 Way Play Level 2.

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