Friends You’ve Never Met in Person

waiting for some disc fun

Today as I sit on a friends porch in sunny Queensland Australia surrounded by dogs and nature, I receive an invite to this page started by one of my mentors and also what I would call a friend.

For a few years now Ron and i have been chatting after i started in one of his pvybe classes. One of the first memories i have is watching ron at a high school demo rocking out to a music overlay by the offspring a favorite song of mine. I had seen disc dog before but this video of him and lei has always stuck with me – the explosive athleticism by both handler and dog showing of expression of themselves through the sport of disc dogs – for that I’m very excited and honored to be invited.

Through this sport I’ve met many people online I look up to, i watch their vids and updates and love seeing the difference in styles moves and showmanship that create this unique sport. I’m today humble to have joined this sport met these people and learnt so much from them as that is a truly awesome part of technology we can connect with people share thoughts and views with them without them being present and I thank all that have done that.

To anyone reading i encourage you and in a way challenge you to not just have fun but use the sport to Express yourself and your relationship with your dog, I look forward to learning more and hopefully potentially help others learn more as well on this journey of the sport I love until next time go have some fun with your dog.