Nine Distinct & Observable Properties of the Disc Dog Noob

Here are nine things that noobs do that everyone should be aware of so they can avoid doing them and get bigger and better scores on the competition field. Any one of these issues can and will cost you more than a few points in a contest.
Originally Posted at Pawsitive Vybe’s Disc and Dogs Blog | July 17 | 2012

Bending Over

The best way to lose 4 points a round in freestyle is to bend at the waist and knees while playing with the dog. It’s hard to look cool while you’re all bent over. This puppy playing position is a hallmark of new players and people who are not confident athletes, although confident athletes are often caught up in this as well. It’s a defensive, cautious, and weak position that makes it near impossible to project an air of experience and competence. As soon as you present this position the judges will be likely to lowball your skill level and might mistake skill and intent for luck and happenstance. It also looks bad to boot. Don’t do it! One should:

stand up tall, lean back, and be cool… like Fonzie.

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