Making the Play with Tiki | Making the Play for Reliable Big Leaping

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Wall and Pole Drill

One of my favorite throwing drills from back in the day:

Also, check the sidebar (at the bottom on phones) for a bunch of throwing lessons from our Disc Dog Foundation class.


Pawsitive Vybe | How to Throw an Airbounce | 2012

Compliments of Pawsitive Vybe

Forget About Grip and Bounce

Most of the Airbounce instruction out there in the disc dog world focuses on both the grip and the bounce. Your grip is fairly irrelevant and the bounce is counter productive in learning. It’s partly my fault, I put together a video in 2004 or so on throwing the Airbounce that was very authoritative, but not very elegant or effective instruction. It got a bit of ‘black market’ kind of circulation. I see a lot of that old technique in many frustrated discdoggers struggling with the throw.

Master the release by itself and the Airbounce is easy.

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Juggling Discs 101 | Pawsitive Vybe Dec | 2006

Ron Watson walks you through a progression to get you juggling 3 discs in no time.