Making the Play with Tiki | Making the Play for Reliable Big Leaping

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Back Stall Foundation | Positions & Behavior

Work Smarter, Not Harder:
Apryl & Marty McFly work on positions and behaviors of the Back Stall. Get the full Lesson at
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Epic Disc Dog Training | Snazzy Set Up & Epic Juggle


Active vs Passive Handler | Fancy

Ron works a 2-part set up moved called “Fancy” with Loot and Epic to demonstrate the difference between an active and passive handler. Continue reading

Flash Jam Nostalgia | Epic Timelord Flash Jam

Ron & Epic working an old Flash Jam from 2017. Scoot > Front Cross > Bite > Dog Catch > Yachi Vault.
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Art of K9Disc – Give the Gift of Jam

The Art of K9Disc, by Ron Watson available in eBook format. 30% discount until Dec. 26 2019.

Steve White Review of Art of K9Disc 

Who knew? I mean, seriously, who knew that a book about K9 Disc training could be so broadly applicable to every form of training? Ron Watson’s “The Art of K9Disc” is not just such a book; it is THE book for dog trainers of all sorts to read, re-read, and keep handy for reference.

Ron’s writing is much like the training he describes in the book–broken into beautifully bite-sized morsels that flow from one to the next keeping the reader satisfied with what was just consumed yet wanting more. By breaking K9Disc core concepts and exercises into discrete chunks Ron lays out a training approach the way it ought to be–principle-driven rather than merely formulaic. Sure, there is plenty of how-to in this book, but more importantly there are lots of whys delivered in comfortable conversational style. The Art of K9Disc is Illustrated with plenty of photographs that serve more to convey the essence behind the words than to illustrate procedures, and that’s okay since the instructions are clear and concise.

The careful, well-planned, and systematic use of Positive Reinforcement is a model for trainers of all s tripes. I will unashamedly borrow techniques from this book when I train both police K9s and private clients. My guess is that plenty of astute service, SAR, and competition dog trainers will do the same. You should too.

Steve White

30% Off for the 2019 Holiday Season

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Reframing Vault Timing

Crossposted at the Disc and Dogs Blog by Pawsitive Vybe

If you are timing your vaults, you are trying to hit a bullet with a bullet. “Was I late,” is a phrase loaded with meaning. Tired of being late? Ask yourself, “Late for what?”

If a Vault Falls in the Forest…

It reminds me of that age old adage,”What if I called a vault and didn’t throw it…”

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Juggling Discs 101 | Pawsitive Vybe Dec | 2006

Ron Watson walks you through a progression to get you juggling 3 discs in no time.

Creativity in Routine Building | PVybe Patron’s Choice

Compliments of

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Xs and Os Remastered

Ron reads Xs and Os Revisited, a series about shapes and flatwork in the game of disc dog freestyle from the Pawsitive Vybe Disc and Dogs Blog. from Disc Dog Radio.
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