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Tao of Disc Dog | Intent, Purpose, and Satori

Intent is not the same as trying. It’s about doing and purpose. Intent is purposeful doing and purposeful doing as a habit changes everything.

Tricks, drills, and skills have various purposes. Handlers must approach those skills with proper intent in order to capitalize on the various purposes of tricks, drills, and skills.

A zig zag can be thrown for competition. A zig zag can be thrown for reinforcement of the cued Drop. A zig zag can be thrown to speed a dog up, shorten an outrun, slow a dog down. A zig zag can be thrown for Big Leaping or leap training. All that need change is the handler’s intent.

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Tao of Disc Dog | On Separation

Ron & Loot rocking out at the 2017 UpDog International Finals.

“When a Ball dreams it dreams it’s a Frisbee.”

~ Ancient Frisbee Proverb

Separation, the distance between the handler’s hand and the catch, matters. Discs should fly like wings for a moment before being caught because that’s the Way of Flying Discs.

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Tao of Disc Dog | Exploring the Depths

Depth of play can be split into 3 levels: a short, tight, inside game; a medium distanced, purposeful, mid-range game; and a long, big, or outside game.


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